about us

As with many great products the Case Coolie started as a pretty annoying and specific problem. Have you ever dealt with packing and hauling a cooler around just to enjoy 30 or so delicious cold beverages? It’s definitely a pain in the rump! Well when our friends told us of their tailgating troubles we decided to dig in and find the ultimate solution.

Getting any canned drinks from point A to point B while keeping them cold usually means lugging some extra 30 pounds of ice and plastic with you. It means taking 20 minutes to perfectly pack each can and fill the rest of the space with ice. And if all that seems like too much work you’ll often see people simply setting a case of beer or soda on the ground or table and trying to drink it all before it gets warm! You can guess what types of additional problems that can create…

So, how do you keep your cold ones cold without ice AND without adding bulk and weight? The answer is obviously the Case Coolie! Since most stores offer refrigerated cases, why bother adding ice when the product can keep itself cold? Instead the Case Coolie simply slides around the outside of the box and holds in the cold while keeping out the heat! Combining a layer of neoprene and an aluminum PET composite means we can keep those nasty infrared beams from penetrating inside and stealing that cold from your precious beverages. In fact, it works so well you may find refreshingly cold drinks waiting for you the next morning!

Weighing only 1.5 pounds and with a convenient handle on top, the Case Coolie allows you to take a 30 pack everywhere you go without any extra hassle. It can be loaded in less than ten seconds and keeps your drinks cold for at least 10 hours! Since it doesn’t use ice you’re saving the energy needed to freeze all that water and keeping Mother Earth happy :) Also, when you’re done just fold it down and it fits almost anywhere. Even use it as a seat cushion/warmer during the big game!

Contact us at nick@casecoolie.com or adnan@casecoolie.com